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Spinlock XX High Load Clutch With Lock Open Jaw 8-12mm

Spinlock XX High Load Clutch With Lock Open Jaw 8-12mm



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Spinlock XX holds loads 50% higher than any conventional clutch and yet it is smooth and controlled to release.

It is the only secure clutch solution for genoa halyards on inshore racing yachts from 35-50 foot and for secondary applications on larger yachts.

Lock open jaw allows lines to run freely with handle closed.

Switch allows jaws to be activated back to clutching mode instantly.

Ideal for applications such as spinnaker sheet and mainsheet, where locking off is occasionally needed.

Spinlock Powerclutch or ZS jammer?

Choose Spinlock XX for working loads and diameters that can't be reliably held in conventional clutches but where the winched release of the ZS is impractical.

Choose Spinlock ZS where bigger diameters and/or extreme loads are used - and where winched release is a positive safety feature

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