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Stainless Steel Hollow Base Cleat

Stainless Steel Hollow Base Cleat


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Stainless Steel Hollow Base Cleat.

Popular range of 316 stainless steel cleats with four hole fixing.

10A-86024 – 4″ 102mm (L) x 24mm (H)
10A-86009 – 6″ 152mm (L) x 31mm (H)
10A-86010 – 8″ 203mm (L) x 38mm (H)
10A-86011 – 10″ 254mm (L) x 47mm (H)
10A-86012 – 12″ 305mm (L) x 58mm (H)
10A-86125 – 15″ 381mm (H) x 96mm (H)
10A-86828 – 18″ 457mm (H) x 96mm (H)

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