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Starbrite Boat Wash In A Bottle - 3.78 Litre

Starbrite Boat Wash In A Bottle - 3.78 Litre



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Economical; a few capfuls cleans a 20ft boat.

  • Non streaking, does not leave residue.
  • 1 US Gallon Bottle
  • Biodegradable.
  • Leaves hulls, decks, chrome and fittings sparkling.
  • Will not remove wax or polish.
  • Concentrated Heavy-Duty Formula
  • Powerful - 3 capfuls clean a 7 m boat
  • Special cleaning agents remove dirt, fish blood, salt deposits, road grime, exhaust smudges, waterline stains and more
  • Safe for use on all marine surfaces


Dilute 3 capfuls in a bucket of water. Stir to a rich foam and apply with a sponge, brush or soft cloth to fiberglass, vinyl, aluminum, teak, and all other marine surfaces. Rinse well with water and allow to dry.

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