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Starbrite Maxi-Boom Bilge Oil Absorber & Starbrite Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner

Starbrite Maxi-Boom Bilge Oil Absorber & Starbrite Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner


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    Starbrite Maxi-Boom Bilge Oil Absorber & Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner Bundle            Ref: MA-SB86805BUNDLE

    Directions - Simply place in bilge.  The bilge Oil Absorber holds and retains petroleum products to keep the bilge clean and free from contamination.  Secure if necessary to avoild interference with the bilge pump or the other equipment.  You may used the Bilge Oil Absorber by wringing out into bucket and placing the Bilge Oil Absorber back into the bilge.  We recommend replacing the Bilge Oil absorber at least twice a year.

    Removed waste must be kept in containers for proper disposal.

    Oil Absorbent Maxi-Boom.

    Absorbs oil, transmission fluid and fuel from engine pan so it can’t get into the bilge.


    • Convenient tie downs keep booms in place.
    • Special design allows maximum absorption.
    • Absorbs 2 quarts of hydrocarbons.

    Starbrite Heavy Duty Bilge Cleaner - 1 Ltr.    

    Disperses and loosens sludge and grime in the bilge so it can be pumped out. Leaves bilge clean and odor-free.


    • Biodegradable.
    • Easy to use; just pour in, run boat, pump out.
    • Dissolves and eliminates oil, grease, fuel, scum and sludge.
    • Will not harm fiberglass, rubber hoses, wiring, metal or plastic.
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