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Stormoprene 2 Part Adhesive

Stormoprene 2 Part Adhesive


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Stormoprene 2 Part

Stormprene is a professional quality contact adhesive used in, amongst other areas, the manufacture and repair of hypalon inflatables. It can be used on all watersports fabrics, neoprene, trilaminate diving suits, biminis, convertible car roofs, rubber latex and much more.

This 250ml set features Part A (adhesive) and Part B (activator). Mix the contents of the Part B bottle with the Part A thoroughly before applying the glue. the bond will develop full strength after 24 hours, with 85% of bond strength is achiever after 1 hour.

  • 2 part contact adhesive
  • Requires patch or cross-over material
  • Highest adhesion available
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