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TruDesign Tank Carbon Filter for Holding Tank

TruDesign Tank Carbon Filter for Holding Tank


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A Carbon Filter is a useful addition to a holding tank vent pipe to reduce the odour of decomposing sewage. The activated carbon in the filter absorbs and captures the odours from your holding tank. The Carbon Filter is not a substitute for good ventilation of the holding tank. It is designed to remove excess odour from a properly functioning holding tank. Holding tanks require good ventilation to ensure aerobic decomposition.

  • Odour removal - Reduces holding tank smells topside
  • Mounting options - Saddles for mounting, or screw directly to a bulkhead
  • Hose size options - Dual tail setup to fit 19mm and 25mm hose
  • Clear bottom - Able to check fluid has not entered filter

TruDesign Part Number: 90355

Carbon Filter Instructions

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