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Spinlock XX High Load Powerclutch (Black) 8-12 mm

Spinlock XX High Load Powerclutch (Black) 8-12 mm



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Spinlock XX holds loads 50% higher than any conventional clutch and yet it is smooth and controlled to release.

It is the only secure clutch solution for genoa halyards on inshore racing yachts from 35-50 foot and for secondary applications on larger yachts.

Spinlock XX has been optimised especially for high performance 8-12mm (5/16 - 1/2") diameters, filling the critical load holding gap between other clutches and the high load ZS jammer,

Spinlock Powerclutch or ZS jammer?

Choose XX for working loads and diameters that can't be reliably held in conventional clutches but where the winched release of the ZS is impractical.

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